Philippine EXPO 2018 Ueno Park Tokyo

This event celebrates the independence for the Republic of Philippines, an important neighboring Asian partner that has long and deep relationship with our nation.
Since President Duterte’s inauguration, the relationship between Japan and Philippines is
the best that we have ever had. Our civilian exchange has also witnessed a daily increase.In this situation, we have aimed further kind relations between both country and mutualunderstanding with Filipino residents in Japan.
Last year, this event attracted more than 150,000 visitors with remarkable success. The
overall goal is to provide a place to communicate openly with both Filipino and Japanese. Moreover, we would like to provide the opportunity to introduce Japanese companies that are a leading in building economic ties based on the mutual agreement for both governments.
This year, we will work closely with the Filipinos, as they are full of vigor. We want to make this event better than last year as we continue to build on our successes.

video message from Maja


Myrah Kay will be spicing up this year's whole event as the chief producer of EXPO.


Philippines' super idol, Maja Salvador will enliven the Finale.


A World-class singer who was born in the Philippines, Beverly will awe us with her amazing vocals on June 17.


Michael Bodin

Michael Bodin of the Phiippine All Stars, a very skilled singer will be on June 17 and will be performing on the all stars show. He'll be with us on the 17th as a judge for the karaoke competition.


HPN3, who are comedians currently residing in the philippines will appear in the Philippine expo brought to you by Yoshimoto Kogyo Co.


AISAKU who has appeared at last year's summer Festival will join us as the bilingual MC of the event. 


You can meet kuya Omurice, who has become famous for his Omurice in Manila in this event.


Krissha, who has shown the world her amazing talent at the [Nodojiman The World] will be performing for us at the Philippine Expo.





THE karaoke challengeTHE

Fruit stand

Booth layout

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Timetable :

June 14(Thursday)


10:00  Opening Remarks (Pre-opening)  By Myrah Kay.


10:15  Cleo Live (pops)


10:50  DJ Light A.K.A. with Hoshizora Works DJ (DJ Show,Human Beat Box, Paint Art)


12:00  Ririka(Shodo Performance) 


13:00  Nirai Band (Okinawa Takarajima folk song)


13:30  Loveace (Dance & Vocal)


14:00  Akizakura  Yamamura Sayoko  (Parasol making using a kimono )


15:00  Tokyomanilove Team  (Comedy, pops)


15:30  Fumiya (Talk Show)


16:00  Myra Kay (R&B, JAZZ & Pops)




 June 15 (Friday)


10:00  Opening Remarks by Myra Kay 


10:05  Shii Roxas (pops)


11:55  Fumiya (Talk Show) 


11:05  DJ Light A.K.A. with Hoshizora Works DJ  (DJ Show,Human Beat Box, Paint Art)


12:00  Ririka (Calligraphy performance


13:00  Eastern Japan Boxing Association(Boxing Performance Session) 


14:00  Kanako (Standshow)


15:00  Nirai Band (Okinawa Takarajima folk song)


15:30  Tokyomanilove Team Comedy, pops


16:00  DanicaPops



 June 16 (Saturday)


10:00 Zumba Exercise


10:30 Fumiya (Talk show)


11:00 Opening Ceremony


11:40 Beauty Award~Parade (Costume contest)


12:20 Da Half (Half~Overflowing with talents)


12:50 Yeyelights(Pops)


13:50 Philippine Artists in Japan (Yolanda, TJ, Vivian)


13:00 Maricar(Pops)


13:10 Eastern Japan Boxing Association(Boxing Performance Session) 


13:35 Beauty Award~Winner Announcement (Costume contest)


14:50 Philippine-Japan Karaoke Final/Philippine All Stars (Karaoke Contest)


15:10 Tokyomanilove Team (Pops, Talk)


15:55 KULORap, HipHop


16:20 MU-TON (Rap, Hiphop


17:00  Asia-Pacific Economic CooperationAPEC(APEC) Awards Ceremony


June 17 (Sunday)


10:00 Inrayog-Japan (Philippines Folk Dance)



10:30 Lumad Japan Group (Philippine Folk Music)


11:00  Carol Tribute Band ( Rock and roll)


11:25 TJPops


11:45 Tokyomanilove Team Comedy, Pops


12:00 Beverly (JPOP)


12:30 Eastern Japan Boxing Association (Mitting Sessions)


12:45 Asakusa Ninja Tactics show Shadow Stand show


13:15 Hitomi Ono/Village Parpoh(70's & 80's Disco)


14:05 Yolandah(Pops


14:15 Jazz(Pops


14:25 Allan Croy (Pops)


14:35  Last Call, Bernard & Krissha (Pops) 


15:00  Promoter's Remarks(Speech) 


15:15  Myra Kay and Masa Obama (Fumiya 5 mins) 


16:00 Maja Salvador (Philippine Song, Dance)




*Schedule may be changed without notice due to circumstances.

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